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Past Events

Fostering and Celebrating Education

Over the course of each year, the Foundation has the opportunity to bring together Scholars, Club Members and Leaders in celebration of learning and culture. Below are highlights from some of our most recent events.

The George J.W. Goodman Lectures on Media & Global Affairs

May 30, 2013 – the Inaugural George J.W. Goodman Lecture by Mr. Dan Rather

Mr. Rather shared his impressions on the continued relevance of journalism in the digital age. The evening included three gems (of many) from Mr. Rather:

  • “One of my favorite definitions of news goes: news is something that the public needs to know, but which someone—usually someone in power somewhere—does not want them to know. That’s news. All the rest is just advertising and propaganda.”
  • “This growing tendency of news, particularly in new media, to select for a partisan audience is part of a larger trend that appears more innocuous, but which may have equally pernicious effects on a nation dependent on public debate. That is the division of news and other “content” into niche interests.”
  • And on a lighter note, “sometimes a test pattern got more ratings than the early ’60 Minutes’ got.”

The Annual Seligmann Public Policy Lectures

February 18, 2009 – Professor Jeffrey Sachs ’76, M.A. ’78, Ph.D. ’80
February 16, 2011 – Ambassador Nicholas Burns
May 17, 2012 – Mr. Richard Barth ’89
March 19, 2013 – Ms. Suzanne Nossel ’91, L ’96
October 30, 2013 – Mr. Ira Stoll ’94
Upcoming – Mr. Charles M. Sennott NF ’06

Foundation Gala

September 27, 2012 – the Inaugural Foundation Benefit Gala, featuring a performance from nine-time Tony award winner Tommy Tune and live auction officiated by Sotheby’s
November 1, 2013 – the Second Annual Foundation Gala, featuring a “Masquerade” theme, performance by Andy Borowitz ’80, an exciting fashion show by Dolce & Gabbana, ballet, acrobatics, dance and live musical performances
October 31, 2014 – the Third Annual Foundation Gala, featuring a “Masquerade” theme, along with music, dance, and magic

Special Events at the Harvard Club of New York City

June 13, 2001 – A special concert by celebrated cellist Yo Yo Ma ’75 and his classmates Richard Kogan ’76 and Lynn Chang ’75.
April 16, 2008 – “Green Cities: New York” panel with Professor Gerald E. Frug L’63
April 7, 2011 – NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly
October 20, 2011 – Professor Lagemann on the public purpose of higher education.
February 5, 2013 – Dr. Jennifer Leaning ’68, SMH ’70, MD
May 23, 2013 – A second lecture was held in May to celebrate a previously awarded two year grant to the New York City Public Health & Water Safety Field Education and Research Project under the auspices of Harvard’s School of Public Health which subsidized two undergraduates, two School of Public Health graduate students, and two faculty members.
June 13, 2013 – Summer Reception, featuring speech by Graduate Fellow John Murad, a speaker at Harvard’s 2013 Commencement, as well as the announcement of new members to the Foundation’s Board, the construction of the Club’s new rooftop bar and terrace, and the Club’s “Step Up Challenge” Initiative.
September 30, 2014 – The Little Flower, with Tony Lo Bianco as Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

Special Events in Cambridge

February 4, 2010 – 2010 Career Panel, featuring Kevin Jennings ’85, Karen Kim ’91, L’95, E. Theodore Lewis B’69, Tom Mattox ’82, John J. Moon ’89, G’93, D’94, Ellen Gordon Reeves ’83, E’86.
February 3, 2011 – 2011 Career Panel, featuring Kevin Jennings ’85, Sarah A.W. Fitts L’90, E. Theodore Lewis B’69, Oliver Libby ’03, John J. Moon ’89, G’93, D’94, Ellen Gordon Reeves ’83, E’86.
Our Annual Fall Dinner is a tradition that we are excited to continue.