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Giving in the Spirit of Community

Without the commitment of Foundation supporters who make an annual gift, our essential programs would not be possible. We are grateful for your dedication.

Gifts like yours lift financial burdens and allow students to focus on developing their intellectual and creative talents.

Below are some suggested gift levels based on the costs that go into a Harvard education. If you wish to speak to someone about larger gift opportunities, please contact the Foundation by calling 212-827-1235 or e-mailing foundation@hcny.com

Librarian — $250

“Books for Two Courses”

Despite increased options in e-books and used books, the cost of textbooks has continued to rise. According to the College Board, the average cost of books for a Harvard student is $1,000 per year. A gift of $250 represents books for two courses and the impact those resources have on academic achievement.

Physician — $500

“A Semester of Health”

Students not covered under their family’s health insurance plans are required to purchase coverage through the University at a cost of $2,190 a year, on top of the $958 annual health services fee that provide regular and emergency care for students. This gift level represents a commitment to student health by contributing roughly the amount of one semester’s health services fee.

Colleague – $ 1,000

“A Semester of Growth”

Each detail of student life should contribute to academic success. Harvard students enjoy unparalleled access to distinguished lectures, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a range of facilities that foster intellectual and personal growth. Each student must contribute to this experience with a $2,443 annual student services fee. Your gift of $1,000 represents a commitment to a Foundation scholar enjoying a semester of the unique learning opportunities available only at Harvard.