Extraordinary Lives

Supporting the Leaders of the Future

At the Foundation we continue to expand our aid and support to students across the University to help them achieve their goals. We have ongoing relationships and programs in place with the College, Harvard Law School, The Kennedy School, The Graduate School of Education and the Graduate School of Design, all detailed herein. We are in the midst of piloting new programs with the Medical School and The Business School. We are alway looking for new opportunities to support the Leaders of the Future.

Extraordinary Education and Culture

The Foundation also creates Extraordinary Opportunities for members of the Harvard Club of New York, when it brings Professor Jeffrey Sachs ’76, M.A. ’78, Ph.D. ’80, Yo Yo Ma ’75, Professor Gerald Frug, NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Ambassador Nicholas Burns and many others to the Club to share their experiences, their perspectives and their art with the membership. To learn more about these Extraordinary Opportunities for Club members, please visit the Events page. If you are not a Club member and are eligible to join, you can find additional information and an application on the Club website or you can contact the Admissions Office at or (212) 827-1203.

“Starting college felt like quite a leap after graduating from high school. There was this sudden realization that I was growing up into an adult, and I felt unprepared. During my time in the Fall Clean-Up pre-orientation program, I realized that most of my fear was unfounded. The gaps of loneliness I felt were quickly filled with new friendships. Once school started, I felt cared for by the entire Harvard community—from the dining hall staff to my proctor to all my advisors. My first semester was a wonderful experience, in which I was able to make great connections with friends and classmates. Because of my interests in journalism, I joined The Harvard Crimson, which I saw as a great outlet for my writing as well as a home to a close-knit community of people who all share the same love for journalism. It truly allowed my creativity to flourish. In addition to The Crimson, I joined various other organizations including the Harvard Islamic Society and Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, where I had a space to interact with students who I could culturally identify with. This winter break I worked at the Harvard Club of New York. My colleagues were all very welcoming and I easily transitioned into the workspace. I am grateful for being a Foundation Scholar for providing me with this opportunity. I learned a great deal about working in an office setting and met amazing people during my time there, and I hope that I can return in the future.”


Tasnim Ahmed
HCNY Foundation Scholar ’17