Meet Some of the New York City Police Officers  sponsored by the Foundation to attend the Kennedy School.

Captain Timothy Malin

Timothy Malin, from White Plains, New York, received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame with a dual major in English and history.

After working as a  Police Sergeant and Police Captain with the City of New York Police Department including as Head of the Crime Analysis Unit, Tim believed a year at the Kennedy School could expand his skills to combat crime.

Mid-Career MPAs at the Kennedy School of Government

 Going to school can be difficult. Leaving New York City mid-career to develop a stronger sense of public service takes incredible commitment. The Foundation-funded New York City Fire Fighters, Police, and Emergency Workers Public Service Fellowship, though, encourages a first responder from New York to do exactly that and then put the knowledge gained to work again for New York City. Read about those Extraordinary Opportunities when you

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