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The Foundation is the only philanthropy which focuses on helping Harvard students who either hail from NYC or who are committed to working to benefit our city. These students are our future leaders and it is a privilege to help them on their journey to create positive change. 


Financial Aid Contribution: While Harvard has an incredibly expansive financial aid program so that even students whose family may be considered middle class by many measures are eligible to receive aid. The college is committed to make a Harvard College Education available to everyone regardless of need which is extraordinary. The Foundation makes a large annual donation to support Harvard’s ground breaking financial initiatives.

Expect the Unexpected: As we all know, even the most careful planning can fall prey to unanticipated events which can disrupt students’ ability to study. It is situations like these where the Foundation can be helpful as a nimble, generous and student focused organization. For instance, when students were notified in the spring of 2020 that they would need to leave campus, clear their rooms, and arrange for travel home with no warning, The Foundation was there to make emergency grants for students to use for travel, storage and other unanticipated costs. Of course this was a disruptive time for the world and it was satisfying to know we could be of some small assistance to those students we support. 

Mentoring: Each year we are assigned by the college a cohort of 5 incoming students to mentor, so that at any given time we are actively engaging with 20 undergraduates all from the Five Boroughs of our city. Our mentoring takes different forms including resume review, mock interviews, internship opportunities, friendship and a desire to lend a helping hand.

 Stipends: We offer summer stipends for students who choose to a non-paying or low paying summer job in a variety of fields including the arts, government, healthcare, research, academia, and public service. Without these stipends, these students would 

Graduate Schools 

The Foundation increasingly has found ways to support to students at Harvard’s various graduate school who have a connection to NYC. As described on the following pages we make grants of tuition, stipends, and other opportunities at graduate students throughout the University which believe is integral to keeping both the University and our city strong and vibrant. 

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