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Story: Rosa Huang ’15

Queens—Stuyvesant High School

I have found myself more at home within the boundaries of Harvard than I ever thought I would, or even could. I’ve been able to continue activities I’ve always enjoyed participating in as well as branch out into areas I’ve always found interesting but never had the chance to explore.

I am an amateur photographer and artist, and I’ve been able to learn more skills and continue photography through comping the Crimson. As a student of Spanish for over five years, I’m glad I am able to continue my language studies here, and I hope to earn credits toward a citation in Spanish. I spent the summer abroad in Spain, exploring practically the entire country, as well as studying and interning in León. When school started, I became a Student Mental Health Liaison (SMHL) representative for Mather House and continued as a mentor for Strong Women, Strong Girls, mentoring girls at Red Oak in Chinatown. I finished off my role as Director of Coalition with Harvard Act on a Dream in the Fall as well. This semester, I am continuing most of the same activities as I did in the Fall, as well as becoming more actively involved in Alpha Phi, my sorority. Academically, I am hoping to finish the credits necessary for my secondary in economics this semester by taking Corporate Finance, in addition to my three sociology courses.

As someone who personally battled immigration regulations, I am also grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer in a program where I can make a difference in a similar vein, through tutoring for Harvard’s Chinatown Citizenship, where I am able to help elderly Asians prepare for the naturalization process.

I am also very interested in the business field, and I am grateful for opportunities like the Crimson’s business board and the HCNY’s summer internship to be able to gain more exposure into real business projects.

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