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Story: Tasnim Ahmed ’17

Fresh Meadows—Stuyvesant High School

Starting college felt like quite a leap after graduating from high school. There was this sudden realization that I was growing up into an adult, and I felt unprepared. During my time in the Fall Clean-Up pre-orientation program, I realized that most of my fear was unfounded.

The gaps of loneliness I felt were quickly filled with new friendships. Once school started, I felt cared for by the entire Harvard community—from the dining hall staff to my proctor to all my advisors.

My first semester was a wonderful experience, in which I was able to make great connections with friends and classmates. Because of my interests in journalism, I joined The Harvard Crimson, which I saw as a great outlet for my writing as well as a home to a close-knit community of people who all share the same love for journalism.

It truly allowed my creativity to flourish. In addition to The Crimson, I joined various other organizations including the Harvard Islamic Society and Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, where I had a space to interact with students who I could culturally identify with. This winter break I worked at the Harvard Club of New York. My colleagues were all very welcoming and I easily transitioned into the workspace. I am grateful for being a Foundation Scholar for providing me with this opportunity. I learned a great deal about working in an office setting and met amazing people during my time there, and I hope that I can return in the future.

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